Cloud is within the details of today's most advanced technology embedded here within the circuits.

Cloud Based Services with the Knowledge and experience needed!

Over 20 years experience in industries such as government (Kennedy Space Center NASA), international (International insurance corporation), banking, personal,  in Infrastructure Cloud Services. Put our knowledge and skill to work for you today  


Personal Touch

Leverage our professional experience for your business. It is important to understand and deliver evolving and forward thinking, technological advanced, services with a personal touch that you, your business, and your clients understand and need to be successful.


Support Services

We offer services that support your needs. Like Cortona, Siri, or Alexia we are just a call away no matter how small or large your business, or simple or complex your request might be, we are here for you and your business needs when it comes to Cloud Services.

Cloud Based Solutions


Here are real life solutions built by Brevard Cloud Services.

Sue's intro to Keto and ketones

Sue's intro to Keto and ketones